Monte 378 Sport

Monte 378 Sport is a First Premium FPS Studbook Ster Stallion. Approved in Holland in 2000, he received First Premium in 2004 and was approved on offspring in 2005. Monte received his Sport Predicate in 2008 for both driving and riding, a prestigious title that denotes expertise in the show arena. His best features are his gentle disposition, abundant hair, and lovely long neck all of which he consistently passes to his offspring.


Monte is an excellent example of today's athletic Modern-Type stallion. Monte produces offspring with exceptional sport aptitude, very good fronts and shoulders, powerful walk, excellent trot and smooth canter, great conformation, willingness to work, kind disposition and, of course, illustrious hair. Monte's sire, Teunis 332, has two other approved FPS Studbook sons:  FRIDSE 423 Sport and NANNING 374.

Monte consistently produces semen with high sperm count, high percentage of Total Normally Built (TNB) sperm and high percentage of Progressively Mobile (PM) sperm. His cooled semen ships well. Monte also falls within the age category that is characterized in equines by a sustained spike in sperm production.

Sire: Teunis 332
Mother Line: 115

Foaled: July 8, 1996
Height: 16.1 h

FPS Studbook  

The following numerical values are assigned as a measure of key stallion characteristics.
A value of 100 is perfect. A value greater than 100 is exceptional.

Hight 102 Type 101 Frame 102 Legs 97 Walk 98 Trot 100 Total 99

Walk 103 Trot 100 Canter 103 Riding 103 Driving 101 Total 102




  • International Dressage Champion in Prix St. Georges Level
    (the Dutch equivalent to the advanced ZZ-zwaar level - 3 points)
  • Dutch National Champion in Sjees Driving 
  • Dutch National Champion in Long-Lining
  • Two Time Champion of Young Stallions at the Dutch Central 
  • Produces 65% First and Second Premium Foals

Some of Monte's Exceptional Offspring